Improved Vector Editor

We are steadily adding new capabilities to the Vector Editor. In this release, we have added:

- 20 New Text Effects (Text Shapes) added to the text effects gallery
- A new color picker and more colors
- Colored outline for text and shapes

BrushKite TextEffects

BrushKite Cloud storage

Introducing BrushKite cloud storage to save your design.

You will now have a beautiful "[My Designs](" section with all your saved designs.

BrushKite Cloud Storage

All our members used to design and had to download design immediately to save on their computers.

With BrushKite cloud storage:

- you no longer have to worry about saving your design in your computer
- design progressively, i.e., take your own sweet time to design slow & steady without having to download
- share your design with any user to collaborate
- make one design and make unlimited variation design file of the same

Here is a quick 1-minute video to watch

Mandala Layered Download

For our members who love Glowforge, we love you too! You can download separate layers for Mandalas for Glowforge. And, for all cutting machines, you can download separate layers for Mandalas too.

 Mandala Layered Download

BrushKite Gallery

We are bringing you one more new initiative. Many of our members share their SVGs to help others to learn and being better themselves too! We thought of adding all such free high-quality member-designed SVGs in the BrushKite gallery.

BrushKite members can explore and duplicate any SVG below with one click to learn and add their creativity. The graphics in the gallery is free.

BrushKite Gallery is a baby now 😇

BrushKite Gallery

Referral Coupon Code

Introducing Referral Coupon Code. In addition to the unique referral link you get in BrushKite, you have a new option to use your unique coupon code to share with your audience. When your referred user inputs the coupon code during their membership purchase, they get $10 off! And you get a 25% referral commission.

With a Unique coupon code and referral link, our members and affiliates are getting the finest referral system in place.

Grab your Unique coupon code and referral link here

Referral Coupon Code

DIY Tutorials

We had added this section during the previous product update; however, we thought to share it again for all to know about it. You can access the tutorial here

DIY Tutorials

Direct Payment Integration

We have activated our own BrushKite Inc Stripe direct payment processing. Earlier, we had a different service provider for Stripe. This will help our members and also the BrushKite team to simplify workflows.

BrushKite Payment with Stripe

Bugs & Fixes

Several bugs are fixed as listed in the following section.

Download not working in Safari browser - Fixed

Firefox issues - Fixed

Glowforge issues - Fixed

Applying font - Some users had reported this - Fixed

Editor crashing - Fixed

Caching issues - Fixed

Keep sharing your ideas, needs and vote on BrushKite Community to guide us what we should be building next!
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