New Features & Improvements

New Graphics Panel
Adding graphics into Brushkite is faster than ever now with the new graphics panel popup.

Graphics Panel

We have removed the Graphics selection tab and have combined the Graphics and the Upload section as a popup panel. This enables you to insert graphics into the stage without having to go through multiple steps.

When you click on the Graphics button, it opens up the Graphics Panel as a popup. You can browse through different categories to select the graphics. Once you choose any graphics from the list, it automatically inserts it on to the stage.

You can also access the uploads tab to upload your own images and click on the items to add them to the stage.

Hat-tips: The new Graphics Panel is available in automated templates, premium templates, block templates, the mandalas and the vector editor.

New Font Panel
We have also made a floating Fonts Panel similar to the Graphics Panel to enable faster changing of fonts.

When you click on the Fonts button, it opens the Fonts Panel as a popup.

From the panel, you can select from the preloaded fonts list or upload your own local font files (.ttf, .otf or .woff).
Once the font is selected, the font in the current section is automatically changed.

The Fonts Panel is available in the premium templates and vector editor.

Vector Editor Enhancements

Hello, Vertical Text Effect! 😍

We have upgraded the editor with New Enhanced Transform Tool for better object selection, center snapping, group selection, undo-redo and more.

New 12 face rotate stage
Masked rotate stage for designing your own mandalas

Simplified Referral system – make money
We have introduced a new referral system, which is so simple that it is unbelievable.

Just get your unique link from the ‘Refer & Earn’ section and share it with your friends and colleagues. For every person who joins with your referral link and subscribes to BrushKite Pro, we will pay you a one-time payment of 25% of the subscription amount.

Free Trial of All Feature
We have changed the Demo to Free Trial of 7 days with all features of BruhKite for free. With this, you get to explore BrushKite and even use it for 7 days before choosing to upgrade to Pro.

In-build subscription payment
We have introduced the Stripe payment gateway for all our users to use while subscribing to BrushKite. You no longer need to create an account with PayPal as some of you had to in the past.

Self-served signup /account access
We upgraded the signup process to add the verification process, which will add more layer of security to your account. Plus, you can manage your password and any account level changes on your own.

Bugs & Fixes
Dozens of improvements & fixes based on the feedback of members of our community on

Added an undo button, instead of deleting the whole project
Ability to move objects on the Ipad screen
vertical text in the Vector Editor
Create Mandala in different shapes
Allowing font changes in the premium template area
Erase a whole project at once
Remove graphics from project to project?
Share your need
Do you have a feature /improvements /ideas in your mind, want to share?

You can post them in the group. We prioritize them according to the popularity. 👋

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