Insert graphics from library

The graphics section is added throughout the app wherever we need graphics to be inserted.
You can open the graphics tab by clicking on the graphics icon as shown below.

The graphics panel is available in the automated templates, premium templates, few block templates, shape mandala templates and the vector editor.

Once you click on the graphics button it slide opens the graphics panel as shown below.
The panel automatically loads the graphic categories for you. You can browse through various categories.
Once you select the graphic you want to add to the section it automatically closes the panel and adds the graphic to the stage.

Inserting graphics behaves differently for different sections

Automated templates
When we select a graphic from the library it automatically gets inserted to the automated template design on stage.

Some designs in the automated templates do not allow inserting graphics.

Premium templates
Graphic selected is automatically added once we click on the graphic to select it.

You need to select the graphic toggle option in the outline premium template in order to see the inserted graphic

You can use the shape mandala templates (elephant and the cat mandala) and choose the graphics panel to change the shape graphics.

Upload graphics into Brushkite
Upload graphics section is a part of the graphics panel.
You can upload your own .png, .jpg or .svg files (Check specifications here.) into the upload tab of the graphics section.

There are two ways to upload your own graphic files.

Using the browse button
The browse button can be used to browse your local files on your PC or Mac and upload it to the uploads section.

Copy pasting images
You can copy any image from the internet by using right click > copy image
and paste it in the paste panel by using right click > paste
Image below show how you can search for copyright free images on google and right click on them and select copy image

After copying the image, you can go to the uploads tab in the graphics panel and right click on the grey rectangle which says "Paste Image Here"

You should be able to see the converted vector svg in the list as shown below.

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