Outline Premium Template

The outline premium template has been one of the favorite design template for all our Brushkite members.
It was one of the most requested feature which was eventually added to the premium templates section by our team.

Outline can be really helpful when you want to cut your favorite text as a sign. For example a "Thank you" sign or a "Welcome" sign as shown below.

Outline layer cut example
[Courtesy thoughtsinvinyl.com]

Or any basic design or graphics. If you have a cricut, silhouette or a laser cutter machine you can make use of various materials to design layered text and graphics.

As you can see below, the outline feature has few simple elements.

Outline template buttons and textbox

1. Fonts Panel Button
Clicking on this button opens the font panel where you can select the preloaded Brushkite fonts or upload your own font files.

2. Graphics Panel Button
Clicking on this button opens the graphics panel using which you can select your own graphics from the list or upload your own graphics into Brushkite.
(Refer: https://help.brushkite.com/en-us/article/how-to-insert-and-upload-graphics-mfoo1k/?1598182101718)].
Once you select a graphics, it updates the graphics with its outline.

Note: The graphic would only be visible if the 4. graphics toggle is selected.

3. Filled outline to basic outline toggle button
Clicking this switches the outline mode. Filled outline mode fills all holes in a graphics or a text whereas the basic outline mode just creates an outline around with the defined thickness.

4. Text to graphics toggle button
Clicking on this switches the text to the selected graphics

Note: Works only if you have a graphics already selected. If there is no graphics selected, it doesn't show anything on stage.

5. Outline thickness size decrease and increase buttons.
These buttons help decrease or increase the size of the thickness of the outline

Note: Make sure you use single word to test the filled outline

The best thing about the outline template is it separates out the outline as a new layer.
Start creating fun projects and make the most of the outline premium template today

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