Mandala Monogram

Designing a mandala is easy using Brushkite. The application is filled with surprises.
Let's explore how we can create a beautiful looking monogram using a mandala design.

1. Design a 2d mandala
Brushkite is the only app that converts a 3d layered mandala to a 2d mandala on click of a button.

Once you design a 3d mandala, find a toggle button on top of the sections refer article.
Click the button to change the 3d mandala to a 2d silhouette mandala as shown below.

2d mandala toggle

2. Copy the 2d mandala image
Right click on the stage and select copy image as shown below.

Copy Mandala Image

3. Select split mandala premium template
Open the graphics panel > select uploads section > right click paste on the paste area.
The 2d mandala design should appear on the list. Select the mandala thumbnail from the list.

4. Toggle the graphics mode
Click on the switch mode button the split monogram template sections as shown below to see a beautiful mandala monogram on stage.

Switch to Graphics Mode
You can also toggle the design to black silhouette if you wish to have a single color output.

Create a unique mandala monogram and cut or print on your favorite product

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