3D Layered Mandala

Crafters love Mandalas as they look gorgeous almost on anything. Be it your pillow or your living room wall, mandalas are the most beautiful.
With the growing market of cutting machines, crafters are finding new ways to create exciting stuff.

One of the them is creating a layered 3d mandala.
A layered 3d mandala can be created using basic cardstock using your Cricut or Silhouette machines. This can also be used to create using wood if you own a laser cutter.

Brushkite is the only application that has a 3d Mandala Designer using which you can design custom layered mandalas of your choice.

Let's go through each section of the mandala creator as shown below.

1. Section thumbnails
A mandala is a symmetric rotation of design elements. A section is design that fits in the sector of a mandala circle.
Mostly, mandala designs of Brushkite have 3 sections - 1. Center, Middle and Outer sections.

If you click on the section 1 thumbnails you can see the outer part of the mandala generated on the stage.
Similarly, if you click on the section 2, you can see the middle part of the mandala on the stage.
Lastly, if you select a thumbnail from the section 3, the center part of mandala is generated.

2. Mandala templates
A mandala template is the design of how the mandala would look using the combination of different sections.
The mandala templates include basic circular mandalas, shape mandalas, sunflower mandala and a layered photo frame.
Click to select from the template list and select sections to see the mandala generated on stage.

3. Section navigation buttons
The buttons can be used to navigate between more section thumbnails

4. Stage
This is where we see the 3d rendered output of mandala design.

Downloading the 3d mandala file
Once you have the final mandala on stage and you want to download the file, you can click on the Download button on the top right corner of the topbar.
Type a name of the file you want to save and select Download SVG.
You should see a counter on the top bar saying "Generating Layer 1,2,3"

You can now open the downloaded svg file in your favourite cutting machine software. Ungroup the design on stage and you should see the layers all separated as shown below.

Easy right? Start creating the most beautiful 3d layered mandala for your home or workplace
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