3D Layered Butterfly

In this tutorial we will learn how we can use a black silhouette butterfly image and convert it to a beautiful 3d layered craft.

You can find the butterfly svg used in this project here on pixabay - https://pixabay.com/vectors/animal-black-butterfly-flight-fly-1296552/

We assume that you already know how to upload your own image into brushkite refer tutorial here
and also you know how to create an outline from the uploaded graphics refer tutorial here and refer here

Let's begin! We have divided the tutorial into 4 steps.

Step 1.
Go to the vector editor tab > select the graphics panel button

Select the uploads tab in the graphics panel > choose the butterfly outline that you uploaded using the outline premium template.
You should see a black butterfly outline on the stage.

Align the graphics to the center of the stage using the align buttons as shown below.

Stage Center Align Buttons

Scale the graphics on stage to full size as shown below and change the color of the graphics to yellow from the top bar stage menu.

Add the outline butterfly graphics on to the stage

Click the download button > Enter the name "butterfly-1" (for layer 1) > Click Download SVG
"butterfly-1.svg" file should be downloaded.

Step 2.
Open the graphics panel again > Add the original butterfly graphics that you uploaded.
Center align the newly added graphics on stage using the align buttons as above.
Scale the newly added graphics to the size of the outline graphics on stage and change its color to orange as shown below.

Clone the top graphics using the clone button on the top bar. It will create a copy of the top orange butterfly graphics.
Center the cloned graphics on stage and resize it to 30% smaller as shown below.
Now, select the bottom layer by clicking anywhere on the yellow part and pressing the delete key or clicking on the delete button on the top bar.

Download the svg file as "butterfly-2.svg"

Step 3
Change the color of both the butterfly graphics on stage to red.
Scale the smaller butterfly graphics to make it 20% larger as shown below.

Layer 3

Download the svg file as "butterfly-3.svg"

Step 4
Delete the smaller butterfly graphics and color the larger butterfly to black as shown below.

Layer 4

Download the svg file as "butterfly-4.svg"

Awesome. We have now 4 svg files for 4 layers of the 3d butterfly.
Import them on your favorite cutting machine software.

Final 3D Butterfly Layered on Cricut Design Space

Make the perfect cut!
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