3D Layered Shape Mandala

When we built the Mandala creator in the Brushkite app, we then thought what if we could add a feature using which the user could generate a mandala of any shape.

Here it is. You can upload any image and convert same to a 3d mandala.
Isn't that exciting! Let's explore.

We assume that you already know of how to insert graphics or upload your own images into Brushkite. If you still haven't explored inserting graphics into Brushkite you can follow the tutorial here - How to insert and upload graphics

Please follow the tutorial of How to create a 3d mandala in order to get a basic understanding.

For creating shape 3d mandala you need to select the elephant or the cat template as shown below to begin.

Shape Mandala Templates

When we select one of the above template, we should see some feature button as shown below.
Let's explore each one of them.

Graphics panel button
Clicking on this button opens the graphics panel using which you can insert or upload graphics to replace the shape on the stage.

Zoom in zoom out buttons
Zoom buttons can be used to zoom the inner mandala design elements within the shape.

Position up and down buttons
These button are used to position the inner mandala designs vertically.

Position left and right buttons
These button can move the inner mandala designs horizontally.

Reset zoom and position button
This button can be used to reset the zoom and position of the inner design elements.

Once you select a new shape as shown below it takes few seconds to load on the stage.

You can follow the steps from the 3d mandala tutorials for the next steps.
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