Custom Letter Cut Design

There is a lot more you can do using Brushkite with some simple little hacks.
Let' see how we can create this beautiful letter cut design using the 2d mandala and the vector editor.

Type the letter "B" and select or upload a fancy font. We have used the "Agreloy" font here from the list.
Now select the plain text effects (3rd text effects from top) > right click and select copy image > right click paste in the uploads section as shown below.

Letter Copy Paste

Go to the mandala tab > select the first shape mandala template (template with the elephant)
switch to 2d mandala from the top menu option. refer here
Copy the stage output > paste it in the uploads section as shown below.

Position the mandala designs as shown below using the navigation buttons on top.
Copy paste each of these designs and paste it in the uploads section.

The uploads section should look something like as shown below.

Select the small full mandala design and create an outline and copy paste that to the uploads section as shown below.

Switch to the vector editor and add all the designs on top of each other as shown below.
Add the outline mandala design and change its color to white.
Place it below the right position of the designs as shown below.
This will avoid the overlapping of the sections.

Place the mandala outline and the design on top of the final output as shown below.

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