Brushkite's Vector Editor has one of the most amazing set of features.
Let's start with the basics.

The vector editor is built around the text effects and the graphics panel.

Vector Editor

Text Box
Type your own text here.

Note: Doesn't accept special characters in most of the fonts available

Add to stage button
Adds the text effect on to the stage

Text Effect Panel
Shows a preview of the text effect before adding to the stage

Text Effects
List of text effects including curve text

Font Panel
Change font of the text effects using the font panel. Upload your own font file using the upload button.

Graphics Panel
Insert graphics on to the stage by selecting graphics from the list or upload your own image to convert to vector and select to add them to stage.

Vector Editor Stage
Show the text or graphics added from the text effects and graphics panel. Transform the objects on stage. Scale, rotate objects on stage.

Edit buttons
Object editing buttons used to change color, align, clone, layer or delete objects on stage.

Use the above option of the vector editor to design vectors faster than ever.

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